December 2021: For one year more, Giormanis Chemicals chose instead of corporate gifts to allocate the money intended for this purpose to the Municipal Nursery of Thessaloniki "Agios Stylianos". Our company actively supports the public benefit work of the Foundation for the care, as well as the general protection of infants and toddlers with the aim of their proper psychosomatic development until they are reintegrated into either their biological family environment or another suitable family environment or in an appropriate  Foundation with the primary aim of serving their interest.

May 2021: Health & Safety Awards 2021, successfully announced by Boussias Communications, reward those who create and maintain safe and healthy workplaces, those who innovate and invest responsibly in their employees. Giormanis Chemicals, in its first participation in these awards, was distinguished and awarded as one of the leading companies in the chemical industry for its outstanding achievements in the overall development, management and monitoring of Health & Safety of all (stakeholders), its initiatives to create a wellness & safety work environment for employees and for the safe service enjoyed by its customers. (Health & Safety Awards 2021 )

December 2020: Giormanis Chemicals, with a long tradition of selfless social contribution and a high sense of collective responsibility and duty, this year's particular Christmas, substantially strengthens the work of the Hellenic Children's Village in Filiro. Specifically, during these Christmas days, we allocated the amount corresponding for corporate gifts to our associates, to meet the needs of the Hellenic Children's Village, fulfilling our promise to be, with respect, next to organizations and fellow human beings who really need it. This Christmas we do not expect miracles to happen on their own !!! We give the opportunity to all children to live their childhood with love, care, warmth, safety and respect !!!

June 2020: Giormanis Chemicals, realizing the ever-increasing needs of Municipalities and Communities, for hygienic cleaning and disinfection but also their preparation, to deal with the second wave of the coronavirus COVID-19, within the framework of Corporate Social Responsibility, proceeded in donation, to the Municipality of Delta, the Municipality of Oreokastro and to the local Community of Neochorouda, of quantity of the biocidal product, wich is approved by E.O.F., Giormanis Sodium Hypochloride min 12%, capable of producing 250,000 kilos ready for use solution, for the disinfection of floors, surfaces and objects, according to the instructions of the Directorate of Health and Environmental Hygiene of the Ministry of Health(click here)

April 2020: In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility and responding to the increased needs of hygienic cleaning and disinfection due to the coronavirus pandemic, Giormanis Chemicals proceeded to donate the necessary quantity of the approved product by E.O.F. Giormanis Sodium Hypochloride min 12%, for the production of 250,000 kilos of ready-to-use solution, for the disinfection of floors, surfaces and objects, according to the instructions of the Directorate of Public Health and Environmental Hygiene of the Ministry of Health, to the Municipalities of Thessaloniki and Pylaia-Chortiatis(click the icon  vraveusi icon )

December 2019: For another year, Giormanis Chemicals, in view of the festive season, chose, instead of sending business gifts and conventional greeting cards, to send an electronic greeting card. The money intended for the above purposes, was given to support the Non-Governmental - Non-Profit Association "Friends of Care".

July 2019: Giormanis Chemicals was distinguished as one of the healthiest growing companies in the DIAMONDS of the Greek Economy awards organized by New Times Publishing for the year 2019. The representatives of the healthiest growing companies in the country sent a strong message about the prospects and potential of the Greek economy and entrepreneurship. The winners announced dozens of investment projects that have been implemented or are in progress, reffered to significant programs to increase the number of employees and corporate and social responsibility, while talking about moves to stimulate their extroversion and open new markets abroad. At the event, organized on July 10 by New Times Publishing at the Grande Bretagne Hotel Athens, with the participation of over 600 representatives of the most dynamic business groups in the country, the "diamond" companies from the entire business spectrum were awarded and honored (industry, tourism, trade, services). It is worth noting that the event - which is successfully organized for the 16th consecutive year - was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Development, the Ministry of Environment and Energy, and the Association of Enterprises and Industries (BSE), with representatives of the Government(click the icon  DIAMONDS 2019 SFRAGIDA new)

March 2019: Giormanis Chemicals was named one of the 206 most dynamic companies in the context of the Growth Awards, organized for 3d consecutive year by Eurobank and Grant Thornton(click the icon   PR13443 Signatures2 07 GROWTH DRIVER).

October 2018: Giormanis Chemicals is certified according to ISO 14001: 2015 for the implementation of Environmental Management System (EMS)(click the icon  ikonidio ISO 14001).

August 2018: Commencement date of operation of a new privately owned state-of-the-art installation in the Industrial Area of Aspropyrgos Refinery in Attica.

June 2018: Creation, in collaboration with Hellenic Petroleum SA, of an educational video, within the industrial facilities of Elefsina, regarding the correct and safeunloading of chemicals.